The PIMS Rental Management System

PIMS helps private rental owners and agents to streamline the management and tasks required to run efficient short term vacation rentals

  This is a seriously well thought-out bit of kit. Everything you need, at your fingertips to manage all of your properties.

  I must say it is revolutionising my life at the moment and it’s saved me hours of admin time. Love it.

Manage bookings your own way

You decide how you want the reservation process to work.

You have your own rules for deposits, payment schedules and charges.

PIMS will adapt to you in a non prescriptive way.

PIMS helps you manage the rental booking process in the way YOU want it to.

(Of course, we help you get started with a pre-built set of options and processes)

Some highlights

Online bookings

With our optional online booking system, you can allow your guests to choose their dates, and if available they can instantly book and pay online securely.
This system is very flexible and allows you to decide precisely how you want to handle online bookings, and what (dates, duration, party size etc) you wish to allow guests to book.
And all this can be done, if you choose, from within your own website with your own branding, colour scheme, layout and fonts.

Respond quickly & accurately

As soon as an enquiry comes in, use PIMS to calculate the costs and generate a prototype email to send back to the guest. You decide up front what the email contains, what it looks like, how the costs are calculated and then in an instant you generate the emails accurately and swiftly time after time after time.

Painless control of all bookings

PIMS will ensure you do not forget to do anything – giving your guest a pain free and prompt service from you during the booking process. PIMS automatically generates your TO DO list on a daily basis, keeps track of all payments received and reminds you of the next steps for each and every reservation in your system. YOU decide what the steps are, and when reminders are due – PIMS does all the boring work for you.

World class support

From your very first day using the product, we are there to support you and offer unlimited email support.

There is extensive help within the product, and also a community of like minded users available at all times in our dedicated Facebook group.

Sharing information…

You can enable [limited] access to any others who may be helpful to your business.


  • Perhaps your cleaner can login and check details of pending guests. You decide how much detail…
  • Perhaps you have staff who can help take bookings. You decide what they can see.
  • Perhaps, as an agent, you want your owners to see some of the booking details for their own properties – and perhaps even directly book out “owner time”.

Free Availability Calendar

If you just want an availability calendar in your own website, try the Free PIMS calendar.

For all sizes of business

Holiday rental owners with only one property and very simple requirements will still get much of the full power of PIMS, with the Lite Version.

But if you have multiple properties and want more flexibility and control and also wish to use some of the more powerful capabilities, such as the build-your-own booking form, and whole range of other features, then we offer 3 higher levels of subscription to suit all pockets and requirements.