PIMS in your website

As well as assisting you with the chores of booking management, PIMS can enhance the functionality of your website to help you to get more bookings.

Availability Calendars

Set the colour scheme to match your website as you display exactly what is stored in PIMS at all times.

You can display the calendar in a range of languages, showing as many months in one page as you like, and as far into the future as you choose.

Rate cards

Display your PIMS rate card in the colours of your website in any currency and in a range of different languages. As you add or change prices in your PIMS account, your website is automatically synced.

Booking forms

Having taken an enquiry from any source (say a listing site) and entered it into PIMS,  you can send the guest a link to a page in your website that will display your customised PIMS booking form for the guest to complete and even pay using credit cards, PayPal, or bank transfers – whatever you choose to offer.

Try this in our mythical travel website

Other PIMS forms

The Enquiry or Contact form

Display a simple contact form on your website, and when a visitor completes the form all details will automatically be entered into PIMS for you – in addition, of course, to sending you an email plus an optional SMS text if you wish.


Online reservations

Invite your guests to select a property, dates and number of persons. Then if those dates are available go on to maker a firm reservation/booking AND pay directly with credit card or PayPal or any other payment method you choose. This will immediately block out your calendar and, of course send you an email plus an optional SMS message to alert you.


Availability search

You can experience a variety of examples of these forms for yourself at our mythical holiday rental website. Visit this website and experiment with each of the properties separately.

Remember that everything you see at this website can be tailored to suit your own website in terms of content, look and wording.

Try it here: 

Search and feel free to make a booking and we’ll even give you a credit card to use with unlimited funds cool