A plan for all businesses

Simple two part price

The annual price of PIMS is made up from the SUM of:

1. The feature set (Version) that you need (see below)


2. The number of properties

The first property is FREE and subsequent properties can be purchased in bundles (or packs) as follows:

Use the Price calculator to help you optimise the packs based on your total property portfolio and your selected Version.

Choose a version to suit you


This is aimed at private owners with typically one or two properties and you are quite happy to take the PIMS standardized business model without need to make any changes at all.
This version will manage all your rental bookings, pricing and emails, as well as display a calendar in your own website.


For the Lite users who want to adapt PIMS to their own way of working, the Standard version offers lots more customisation and a few bonus features.


The most popular version for private owners or small agents with a handful of properties.

This version crucially adds all the PIMS forms for interacting with your guests/prospects via your own website as well as a host of more flexible features for the discerning rental managers.


As well as all the custom features of the other versions, this adds further functionality for multi-user PIMS to enable staff logins, to manage large portfolios of properties and crucially to calculate, report and manage payments to your property owners.
You can also enable your owners to login and book “owner time” directly.

Still unsure ?

Please feel free to drop us a line, describing your business, why you feel you need a Property Management System, what you expect it to help with most and anything else that you feel would improve your business and how you run it.

All fees all include:

  • Unlimited email support
  • Unlimited number of bookings or enquiries
  • No transaction charges and no other extras
  • All future enhancements included in the selected subscription level

Instant upgrades

If you find, at any time, that you wish to avail yourself of more advanced features than those for which you have subscribed, you can upgrade yourself instantly at any time. You just pay the difference in annual fees and you will immedialy have the new features available to you.

Also, if you take on a number of additional properties, you can purchase additional property packs at any time.