PIMS Features

PIMS is your assistant, not your boss. It helps you be more efficient, but will not try to take over your business and run it for you.

Take Control

PIMS will work in the way YOU want it to. There are many different ways you can adapt the product to suit different ways of doing business with different set of tasks, payment schedules, and interactions with all your guests, clients, owners, suppliers, or staff. Despite a plethora of features, its how you put it all together that gives PIMS its power and flexiblity.

And we’re here to help you all the way.

A comprehensive solution

PIMS was one of the earliest Property Management Systems on the market.
It has benefitted from many improvements over the years, all of them suggested by real users and developed to be as flexible as possible

Automatically calculate costs

Assuming you have entered all the rules and rates for each property, PIMS will calculate the total cost, cost of extras (if any), the booking deposit fee, balancing charges, security deposit and construct emails with invoicing information.

Track payments

Keep track of all payments made by the guest, when and how much. PIMS will help you calculate the various stage payments according to your own rules, and repost on amounts owing and when.

Visual calendar

See your bookings, confirmed or awaiting payment. Displayed in your PIMS dashboard and also in your own website.

Multi currency

You can take bookings in any currency.  You can adjust the conversion rates at any time. When it comes to aggregating the numbers for reporting purposes, PIMS will convert it all for you.

Your "ToDo list"

At the heart of PIMS, you will be constantly reminded of the next steps ensuring that guests arrive with all the information they need and you have not forgotten anything along the way.

Custom emails

With our new very easy to use email manager, send emails directly from PIMS, using your own customized templates, with auto text insertions so that each email is constructed specifically for the individual guest for each booking.

Custom forms

Customise your own forms in the style of your own website:

* Booking form *
* Enquiry form *
* Availability search *
* On-line reservation *


Keep close control over your business in terms of advertising spend, monthly cash income and of course, bookings information for emailing to cleaners, property managers etc.

Choose your pricing

Extremely flexible pricing methodologies enabling:

* Short breaks *
* Tourist tax *
* Any extra cleaning *
* Discounts *
* Dogs etc. *
* Over occupancy charges *

And, of course flexible cancellation polices

We are not an island

Keep your PIMS calendars in sync with all the major listing sites and portals.
Here is just a sample of them

Some of our partners that enhance the capabilities of PIMS

Some Screenshots (click to enlarge)

See everything about each booking on one convenient screen

Understand your business, your finances and your marketing

Adapting PIMS to work as you want it – not how the designer created it