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Kalkan Secrets (August 2017)

Several years on, and we are now up to over 75 properties - but still using PIMS.

The new responsive forms have been invaluable and to be honest, saved us from having to consider moving to another provider for our booking management - but fortunately, PIMS continues to develop, giving us a flexible, adaptable and cost-effective solution to our needs.

Thanks, Richard. 

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Castleview Cottage (November 2016)

I've bee using PIMS for a couple of years now and wouldn't be without it - prior to that I used Excel spreadsheets and a manual calender which was time consuming and obviously a burden to keep updated.  Probably the most important feature however is the fear of double bookings is now elimiated - obviously it is not foolproof as it's down to the user making sure they input the correct information, but is has saved my skin on a couple of occasions.

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Vista Point (March 2016)

I just have one property to manage, but after 12 months of managing bookings in a spreadsheet I was living in constant fear that I would forget a key iteraction with a guest, or that there was an updated I hadn't saved. It was time to get a proper booking system and PIMS came highly recommended. I went straight to the Gold version, as things like short break pricing, the PIMS booking form are key to the way I run bookings. A year on and haven't looked back - I really don't know how I ever coped without it. Richard has been super-responsive on support issues too, even on some pretty obscure techincal matters.

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SimonH (November 2015)

I have been using PIMS for 8 years to manage visitors to my property on the Costa Brava. It is an excellent management tool which provided me with a lot of peace of mind whilst managing my property from a distance. I highly recommend it to any property owners who have holiday lets. Its amazingly flexible and provides a wide range of financial support systems as well as reports for contractors. *****

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CHW (September 2015)

Another year of PIMS, another renewal, and another review.

There is no way that we could keep track of all the bookings, in all the different websites, without our PIMS. We have 3 properties for rent, with two different owners, and a bewildering array of different rates, calendars, change-overs etc. PIMS keeps it all on track, and nudges us when something needs to be done.  We have been using this system since 2012, and the upgrades and changes have all been seamlessly applied, without causing any disturbance. The only times we have needed support is when we have done something stupid, but the help has always been extremely fast, effective, and polite.

In short, if you are renting your house, you NEED PIMS.

(PS I never write reviews for anything, and this is my 3rd(?) review for this software - need I say more?)

Keeps me on track (March 2015)

As a manager of a small number of properties, I love using PIMS.  The ease of setting and customising my own templates has reduced time spent typing emails to customers enormously - yet they look personalised from my own business. With only a part time commitment to managing my rental, it is easy to become sidetracked and forget where I am up to with bookings. PIMS keeps track for me. sending me daily reminders of tasks due. Online support has been prompt and helpful. I highly recommend PIMS. Would love to see better channel management made available.

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Kalkan Secrets (February 2015)

We have been using PIMS for around 18 months now... I didn't want to write a review without running with it for at least full season but, having used the system exclusively for all our 2014 bookings, and with enquiries and bookings now well underway for 2015, I feel suitably qualified to write a review. 

In a nutshell, PIMS has helped us transform our business.

We manage holiday rentals in the beautiful town of Kalkan, on Turkey's Mediterranean coast. When we first  started with PIMS, in the latter part of 2013,  we had only recently moved out to Turkey full-time in order to manage our own apartment rentals (we own five apartments in a small block). Until then, we had been using our own clunky, document-based booking process that required guests to print off, sign and and scan/email booking forms etc. This always worked ok, but I felt we needed something that would enable us to automate a lot of the drudgery so we could spend less time on preparing bespoke documentation for each guest. After some research into online booking systems, I decided to try PIMS. 

Immediately, it became clear how much time we could save by using Richard's system - not to mention how much more professional our enquiry-handling could become.  So much so that, once we got to grips with PIMS, we were able to seriously consider taking on branded rental management for other owners, who don't have the time, expertise or inclination to handle enquiries and bookings themselves.

We now handle rentals for 16 properties (including our own), and this simply would not have been possible without the Platinum version of PIMS. It helps us provide a consistent and professional-looking response to each and every enquiry and the report facilities (especially the reconciliation reports we can produce for owners) are all extremely well thought-out. 

Dont be under any illusions. PIMS provides a great framework but it's just that - a framework - and to get the best results, it does require a considerable input of time (and careful consideration) to mould it to the way of working that best suits your own business. But it's time well spent. Essentially, it's all in there...Richard has thought of everything. The real beauty of PIMS is that it's adaptable to the changing needs of your business - and it's comforting to know Richard is always on hand to provide prompt help and assistance if I'm too dense to grasp something! 

I would not hesitate to recommend PIMS to any holiday-home owners who require a slick, user friendly system to handle their enquiries and bookings. 

Martyn Ellis

Kalkan Secrets

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Vellum Court Apartment (February 2015)

I've been using PIMS now for nearly a year and the more I use it the more respect I have for Richard for creating such an amazing system.   I only have one holiday apartment but even so it has cut down the administration significantly, but more importantly it takes out all the stress of running a holiday let with it's work flow and reminders.  I know that I will never forget to send a key, chase up a payment, book the cleaners, return a security deposit etc.  

When you first look at the system there is a lot on the page and perhaps it doesn't look as trendy as some other products out there, but do not be fooled, as someone who works in IT I can see this is a very high quality software product.  It is super fast, I've never seen a bug or a page crash - it just works flawlessly!   To be balanced, it's not quite as easy to use from a mobile phone as you have to pinch and zoom a lot, but it still works and I do use it on my Android phone when I'm away from my laptop.

One last point is the support.  Over the year I have used more and more of the functionality and on a couple of occasions I have needed help and posted a question on the contact us page.  I've always had a response the same day and the answers have always been incredibly helpful.

If you are looking for a system to help you manage your holiday properties then as you can tell I can highly recommend PIMS so take a good look at what it has to offer. 

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Craiglea Lodge (September 2014)

I have been using PIMS for two months now and it is excellent. I was just using Excel before but after overlooking a detail with a booking I decided to try PIMS and I am extremely happy with the vast amount of features available, and it looks great integrated in my website. Great technical support too, never left waiting long! I would definately recommend going for the Gold package!!

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Martin Sørensen (August 2014)

When I started our rental, I have managed our rental with first Excel, then a combination of Bento, iCal and Filemaker.

We were then expanding from 3 to 7 units, and I looked at PIMS as an alternative to developing a solution myself - and I have not looked back.

It has features I had not dared thinking of implementing, and whereas there are things I could wish for, it is rarely anythong major.And there are features I still have to start using after a year.

Also, Richard is extremely responsive in his support.

For the money, it is a steal!

Go for it


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Renato Albrecht (June 2014)

Great booking system, Golf Safari SA should have moved across to PIMS a long time ago. Far superior integration with our website and a very easy and versatile system to keep track of our bookings.

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Say cheese (June 2014)

I've been using PIMS for a few months now and the holiday season is heating up so I thought I'd send a review.

I have one apartment. I rent around 14 weeks a year. Even though it is quite a small setup  it's far from simple to keep a track of bookings. I have young children and am always busy. This has proven to be worth every penny. I am very confident of my bookings. I can very quickly send replies once bookings are made, final payments sent etc, sending maps and directions in just a few clicks. 

The booking forms are great, it updates my customer information page and I know flight arrival times and dates are correct as they are completed by the client. No more double and triple checking.

its all very slick. I love the "to do" list which sends me prompts when I need to send payment reminders, maps etc.

Unlike other years I havent had to chase payments, they are being recovered BEFORE the required date and no more panics cross checking for possible booking errors. I even created a report for my cleaners.  The system produces a schedule which i email to them from PIMS.  All collected from info supplied from the client. No more checking....yipee!!!!


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CharlesHW (June 2014)

We are in our second year with PIMS, dealing with three different properties and have upgraded to Gold for the second year. Frankly, we can no longer function without PIMS, and can not recommend it highly enough. Double bookings are impossible, money is collected on time and in the correct amounts, and the booking process is seamless. I would like to give a balanced review, and mention areas that are lacking, but there really aren't any. On the odd occasion when I have had a query, it has always been dealt with promptly. Definitely worth the money - five stars*****

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Sue Allen (April 2014)

PIMS is the main reason I am able to run my business (some 15 properties currently) and stay anywhere near sane!! Worth every penny and very easy to use once it was all set up.  It's been worth the effort of setting it up as it now does everything I need it to do and it works for me rather than me having to work within a pre-set system.  When I have got stuck the support is fantastic with Richard answering emails within the hour mostly and very comprehensively.  I am slightly addicted to it now, my admin assistant can work within it too and all my owners have their own access to it also. 

I'd be very happy to answer anyone's questions on it.

Sue Allen

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johnjan (March 2014)

At first PIMS looked a little daunting, but with familiarity it became our  best friend.  The odd technical hitch was quickly sorted by Richard and our confidence  has grown quite rapidly.  We wonder how we  managed without it.  

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Mike (February 2014)

Hi Richard, I am delighted with your software. I am still customising it, which is very easy and flexible to do. It has reduced enormously my time and stress to manage my holiday rentals. I can easily justify the subscription just on time saving alone, and I have confidence that everything is under control. Well done and thanks. Mike

peyre blanque (January 2014)

As with all software of this sort there's an element of discipline. But it's well worth it - In our first 12 months we've become better at completing all the information 'slots' and now it's very easy to manage the bookings.

Highly reccommended, even the lite version and it';s really good value.

Thanks Richard for inventing it!

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Chris Rennie (January 2014)

A complete thumbs up from me! Being a bit of a plodder and one of those who throws the instructions away, I found PIMS to be such a good program. The more I work my way through PIMS, whilst developing my website, I find the integration seamless. 10 out of 10

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Eileen McIntyre (January 2014)

Last year I decided on a complete re-vamp of my website.  This included looking for a new calendar as my old 'Availcheck' version was looking rather dated.

The calendar feature was what attracted me to PIMS.  I'd read about PIMS often enough but was apprehensive about changing from my dual pc and hard copy methods for managing reservations - yes I belong to the old school!  However, the need for a new calendar prompted me to take on the challenge of tackling something new.  I needn't have worried, the well explained step by step instructions made it easy to understand.

PIMS...where have you been these past 9 years?  How did I manage without you?

PIMS has made me focus, it has streamlined my whole booking process into an efficient flowing system instead of the bitty method I used previously.

I'm so glad I took the plunge by subscribing to PIMS.  This year for the first time, my husband and I  will be caretaking our property in Greece.  This will leave less time for methodical book keeping, answering enquires, sending documents and updating calendars - the efficiency of PIMS will save my sanity by keeping all information in one place.

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Moray Holiday Cottages (February 2013)

As our wee holiday cottage empire has grown it was becoming obvious that a more efficient way of keeping track of bookings, enquiries and payments was needed. Thank goodness I found PIMS! We have used this system for just over a year now and it really has transformed they way we run our business. 

We had used a couple of other online booking systems in the past - but all we're severely lacking in the management aspect of running a holiday cottage business. It's amazing how much time can be spent organising bookings, chasing payments, dealing with enquiries etc but now that we are using PIMS it's so much easier. From online booking, enquiry management, email templates, advertising and income tracking to daily reminders of tasks needing done - PIMS does it all. What I particularly like is the flexibility of having different settings for the different requirements for each cottage. 

Regular updates mean that the system gets better and better and if you ever need any help Richard is just an email away. Fantastic service and value for money - highly recommended.

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Holiday Cottages & Villas (January 2013)

We started our company by just renting out our own private house and have grown considerably over the last few years with more than 20 properties on our books.  I like to think that I am an organised & efficient person but as the number of bookings that we dealt with increased, the administration that went with it started to become quite a task.  Many people don't realise how time consuming a job it can be to not only manage each booking but also keep track of payments to owners etc.  Not wanting to repeat the mistakes we have made in the past of selecting the wrong web designers, after a lot of research we found Richard and his fantastic PIMS system.  It all seemed to good to be true, but now that we have been using it for several months, PIMs has been an absolute Godsend.  It has not only streamlined our administration processes but has also helped to improve the functionality on our website as well as the customer experience. It took as a little while to get to grips with some things but Richard has always been on-hand for support when needed.  We wouldn't hesitate in recommending PIMS to anyone, in fact we would urge you to start using it a.s.a.p. - you will never look back.  Thanks Richard for providing such a great system, listening to our suggestions and keeping us informed of updates & improvements.  Long may our relationship continue!  David & Tracy.

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CarolineH (January 2013)

I have been running a holiday rental business for 10 years and was pretty happy with my own "homebaked" booking and administration system.  I'm quite an efficient person, so had never had problems with administration and all was fairly well managed by using a mixture of paper diaries and excel spreadsheets.  Last August I started to redesign my website and was looking for a slot-in calendar for the availability page - PIMS seemed like the best option, so I signed up.

I can't believe now, how I managed without PIMS, it has made my life much easier and quicker and I know at the click of a mouse where my bookings are coming from.  I run 5 units, so have opted for the Gold package.  Whenever I have a question (stupid, or not!) - the response time is fantastic and I find Richard very helpful.  100% recommendation from me - you'll never look back - money very well spent!

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HelenB (August 2012)

Having used another  online system for some time, I decided to change to PIMs in June when the online payment facility was announced. I love the tasks, although getting to grips with them took some time. Weekly reminders are a real help , as well as the flexibility to create email templates within PIMS  for all of my communications. Pleased I switched.

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Cambalala (July 2012)

PIMS is a phenominal booking management system.

This review is long overdue. I wanted to make sure I'd really put PIMS through its paces properly before writing anything. 

PIMS is by far the most powerful and most flexible booking management system I've tried to date. My business has never been this simple and streamlined to manage.

For me there are 5 things that really set pims apart from other systems.

1) Task management. (Especially with the new booking level tasks as per v6.0)

With pims tasks you will never forget to do anything regarding bookings again. You'll always be on top of what stage of a booking you are at. (Whats been done and what still has to be done.)

2) Online database. (Perfect for managing your bookings from any pc anywhere in the world.)

My previous system was PC based. So I had to always make sure I took 1 particular laptop with me everywhere I went. Each time I got a new machine, I had to re-install the software, Copy over the old database etc etc. Now i can manage bookings on any laptop, my tablet pc, my phone, my friends computers, anywhere I like.

3)  Email templates. (Never copy/past incorrect information again.)

I save an estimated 30 minutes per booking thanks to this feature alone. Sending a prepopulated email is done in seconds. I've set up template emails for every stage of my booking process. The booking details are automatically populated on the email templates so I can't put incorrect dates etc as I've done so many times in the past.

4) Flexibility.

The system is so flexible that you can taylor-make almost every aspect of it to fit your individual needs. The more you tweek the more you realise how much can be done. Theres really nothing else like it out there.

5) Support. (Second to none.)

Richard is always ready to lend a hand when you get stuck. He seems to have endless patience with me and his replies are always prompt and concise. Even when I ask stupid questions which is alot of the time.

Thanks Richard for all your hard work in developing PIMS and for improving it all the time. I just wish I had tried pims a long time ago. I could have saved myself so much time effort. 

If you're still trying to decide what system is best for you. Don't bother looking any further than PIMS, you'll just be wasting your time.

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John and Elaine Pearson (December 2011)

We have just completed our first year with PIMS. Until we subscribed we had separate and often laborious systems for contacting clients, sending invoices, receipts and booking information. Our records were all on paper, in a massive lever-arch file. PIMS changed all of that and has made the whole process incredibly efficient! We are still exploring the implications of the latest update and the more we get into it, the more possibilities we see.  The forms, in particular, have been useful, as we can get all the information needed for the local police and tourist tax returns, saving much duplication of effort. Well done Richard!

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TM (November 2011)

As an IT professional as well as a villa rental operator, I can say that It is astable and well written application that does exactly what is supposed to do! Nevertheless support is always at hand if I have a problem or request!

PIMS covers most of the functions of operating a property rental business with new feautures being added with every new release.

It saves me alot of time and worry to know that it reliably takes care of important stuff, so I can focus on other aspects of my business

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Polly Watt (September 2011)

PIMS and its creator, Richard, have helped me create a holiday letting business, where I can see what is working and how to improve things.  The system just gets better and better with each release and I am one of its greatest fans.  A truely invaluable piece of software, and the best buy you can make if you thinking of renting one or multiple properties.

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Linda (August 2011)

PIMS has made the running of our property rental business so much easier! I love the email alerts which tell me what I need to do each day so nothing is forgotten and the email templates have saved me an enormous amount of time.  I can never make a double booking and the facility for prospective guests to search for availability and then go straight to the page for that property is brilliant. The reporting facility is excellent to - I can see exactly what the income for each property is and the occupancy.  I really don't know how I managed before!

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Gus Coulton (August 2011)

Renting out our family home abroad is an occasional part-time affair. A problem used to be remembering what was the next action required and when it needed to be done. Dogeared calendars with scribbled annotations worked for me for a time. 

However better by far is this Property Information Management System. I am grateful to it for providing order, method and recallable information. 

Well worth the investment, many thanks Richard.

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Kendal Cottages (August 2011)

The PIMS Rental Management System is a god-send and really helps improve efficiency when running a holiday rental business.  It's straightforward to use, but Richard is on hand to help should you need. If you're contemplating using it, do so... the sooner you start, the sooner you can free up time to look after other aspects of your business.

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Richard Moore (August 2011)

After a lengthy search for suitable software to run our holiday rental business in Le Touquet I finally found the solution in PIMS a couple of years ago. Most other software candidates I reviewed were either too American in stance or simply not flexible enough. PIMS has freed us from the daily booking tasks and enabled us to use our time more effectively to increase our property portfolio. 


Richard understands the holiday booking process and not only listens intently to user comments but often implements new ideas rapidly. I also cannot praise enough the speed and level of support you will receive as a PIMS user. 


I welcome the release of PIMS 4.0 which is a major step forward and I look forward to the continued development of what is already an A1 product.

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Sinead (August 2011)

I am a new user to this system, and very pleased with the ease of setup, and the administrative burden that it has taken off my shoulders. The reports it instantly produces are "food for thought" and very helpful in making decisions going forward. Top marks Richard! 

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John and Linda (August 2011)

We have been using PIMS for 2 years now and we honestly can't imagine how we would run our 4 lodges without it. It would be like losing a leg! PIMS allows us to manage our workflow in such a way that we are confident at all times that we are up to date and that our dialogue with our clients is prompt and complete. We would have no hesitation in recommending PIMS to anyone who wants to lose the headaches associated with the admin of holiday rentals. A great product at a very reasonable price. 

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Cindy Powell (August 2011)

I put my faith in PIMS because Richard, being a fellow owner,  knows his and our market inside out.  

He understands that we all have our own way of working and so you can tailor it to your own requirements. 

The software has been carefully thought out and Richard listens to user's feedback to revise and tweak periodically, adding useful features which are spot on.  

PIMS is jam packed with features that save hours of admin time; I find the Excel reporting particularly useful. 

Now that I've found it, I absolutely could not live without it.

I'm a basic user; the upgrade levels give you far more - I intend to upgrade shortly to make use of the forms features etc.   

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