A plan to suit all businesses

The price of PIMS is made up of two parts:

1. The number of properties that you are managing


2. The features that your business needs

1. Number of properties

To keep it simple to implement, we offer prices for bundles of properties. These prices and the bundles are the same regardless of which feature set you have selected.

The first property is FREE and subsequent properties can be purchsed in bundles as follows:

  Pack of 10 properties £40 per pack p.a.
  Pack of 20 properties £65 per pack p.a.
  Pack of 50 properties £155 per pack p.a.

When you first register, we will help you optimize the property bundles. You just need to know the maximum number of properties that you want to start with.

You can also use the price calculator on the right to determine the total cost of PIMS for your business.


Price calculator

2. Select features required

This first table only highlights the key features that differentiate the levels of subscription. There are many more features, typically available to all levels.


Get started instantly

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60 day money back guarantee




quote Just wanted to say that this system has been a live-saver for me!
It really is easy to use and quote has streamlined my admin.


  Automatically calculate rental charges
  To Do list
  Custom emails (with attachments)
  Display availability in your own website
  Display date rate card in your own website
  Report on listing site effectiveness
  Export to Excel
  Synchronise with many listing site calendars
  Print your booking summary information
  Send custom SMS/texts
  Customize task list
  Receive reminder emails
  Define how payments are received
  Create customized Excel exports
  Short Break pricing plans
  Custom (online) booking form
  Custom enquiry/contact form
  Create reminders for non-booking tasks
  Quotation/availability in your own website
  Add your own custom fields
  Manager/owner read-only view of data
  Create Discount codes and special offers
  Default arrival/departure time per property
  Availability search on your own website
  Automatic management of multi-units
  Receive SMS alerts from web Forms.
  Calculate and apply Tourist Tax
  Archive redundant properties
  Manage and report on payments to owner
  Default currency per property
  Multi-user access to PIMS
  Property groups
  Track rental costs


If you are not sure of which level suits you, please feel free to contact us for help.

All fees all include:

* Unlimited email support

* Unlimited number of bookings or enquiries

* No transaction charges and no other extras

* All future enhancements included in the selected subscription level

Instant upgrades

If you find, at any time, that you wish to avail yourself of more advanced features than those for which you have subscribed, you can upgrade yourself instantly at any time. You just pay the difference in annual fees and you will immedialy have the new features available to you. Also, if you take on a number of additional properties, you can purchase additional property packs at any time.

No Quibble 60 Day money back guarantee

If at any time during the first 60 days, starting from the registration date, you find that PIMS is unsuitable in any way for you, then simply send an email stating that you wish to terminate, and all annual license fees will be refunded in full. No questions asked.

No Quibble means NO Quibble. We'll first refund your money, and only then we may ask you why.


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