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quote As a relatively new user I've found the system easy to use and am sure I'm not utilizing it to it's full potential yet. Still learning! But it has made life so much easier for me. quote



quote I must say it is revolutionising my life at the moment and it's saved me hours of admin time. Love it. quote








PIMS helps private rental owners and rental agents streamline the management and chores required to run efficient short term vacation rentals.

Manage bookings your own way

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Each user decides how they want the reservation process to work; each user has differing rules for deposits, payment schedules and charges and PIMS will adapt to you in a non prescriptive way.


In a nutshell, PIMS helps you manage the rental booking process in the way YOU want it to.

Instant online bookings and payments

With our optional online booking system, you can allow PayNow your guests to choose their dates, and if available they can instantly book and pay online securely.

This system is very flexible and allows you to decide precisely how you want to handle online bookings, and what (dates, duration, party size etc) you wish to allow guests to book.

And all this can be done, if you choose, from within your own website with your own branding, colour scheme, layout and fonts.

Respond quickly and accurately to enquiries

As soon as an enquiry comes in, use PIMS to calculate the costs and generate a prototype email to send back to the guest. You decide up front what the email contains, what it looks like, how the costs are calculated and then in an instant you generate the emails accurately and swiftly time after time after time.

Painless control of all bookings

PIMS will ensure you do not forget to do anything - thus ensuring your guest experiences a pain free and prompt service from you during the booking process. PIMS automatically generates your TO DO list on a daily basis, keeps track of all payments received and ensures that you are reminded of the next steps for each and every reservation in your system. YOU decide what the steps are, and when reminders are due - PIMS does all the boring work for you.

Maximise profitability and advertising effectiveness!

PIMS helps you monitor the performance of your listing sites, and track your bookings over time.

Remember, it's not just about number of bookings, but also the value (revenue) from those bookings. You can also answer questions such as:

"What were my forward bookings like at this time last year?"


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